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Q: How do I find an available resort with Hilton Grand Vacations Club? A: You can visit resorts available by pressing the Resort Collection or following this link Resort Information

Each resort will display the Seasons and weeks on the left hand site of the screen. Q: How can I tell what the value of my points will be if I exchange them through RCI? How many points do I need depending on what season we decide to travel in? What size unit can we get with our points? A: Exchange Information Q: What are the costs associated with purchasing a Hilton timeshare? A: The costs include a purchase price, closing cost, transfer fee, HGVC club dues, and an estoppel fee. Q: When am I required to pay the club dues? A: Club dues will be due after the closing. Thereafter they will be on your annual statement. Q: After the closing will there be any assistance in navigating my timeshare? A: Yes. We work with your until you receive your welcome kit from Hilton. Q: Am I qualified for the Elite program available if I purchase resale? A: No. Buying resale does not qualify you to be part of the Elite program. To be a part of the Elite program, you have to own a minimum of 14,000 qualified annual club points. (Qualified means you had to purchase them directly from Hilton). Q: What are the benefits that come with the Elite program? A: The benefits include: Gold VIP Hilton Honors Membership, Access to Premier Vacation Resorts Worldwide (all based on availability), Early reservation privileges at select HGVClub Resorts (HGVC selects 1 resort each year), 10% discount on Open Season Reservations Rates. Q: What does HGVClub Right of First Refusal entail? A: Many of the developers have the right of first refusal on their units. Prior to exercising their right of first refusal most developers will wait for the Seller to be under contract with a buyer. They will then step in as the buyer and take over the contract. The Seller will receive a letter from the developer explaining their action. The buyer also receives 100% of his money back.

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