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Timeshare Buying Advice

Things to Consider Before Buying a Timeshare

What is a timeshare and how do I know which one is right for me? Time shares are vacation homes that you buy the right to live in for a certain period every year. Theoretically, you and the other "owners" get to "own" a resort retreat for a fraction of the cost of outright ownership. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a timeshare. First, stick with a brand name timeshare company with a wide variety of properties, like Disney, Marriott, Hilton or RCI. There will be resorts that are not name brand that you may want to purchase that would be a resort that is near your area where you can have day use, i.e: we live in Orlando and would use a Daytona Beach resort as a day use if we were visiting the beach. You might buy at a small ski resort in the North East if you are just interested in skiing. There are a number of times when you might buy a specialty resort that you would not want to stick with the brand name resorts.

The next question you might have is, “how much money should I be paying for the timeshare? This is where many consumers become confused and should take the time to research the timeshare and contact a timeshare broker. By visiting the timeshare resale website:, buyers can avoid the time share presentation that utilizes strong arm sales tactics they would normally be presented with during a timeshare presentation. The fact is, buying a timeshare on the resale market vs. buying one at a resort, can save consumers up to 80%.

Another factor in determining what the right timeshare purchase will be for a buyer is their price point. Pricing varies depending on a variety of factors. These factors include - but are not limited to - the time of year (season), location, resort amenities, size of the unit, unit amenities, and, of course, market demand. Something else to consider would be maintenance fees. A maintenance fee is a mandatory fee that the resort management company or homeowners association charges its owners. This fee most often covers property taxes, utilities, insurance, and maintenance expenses including beautification of the unit and property. Maintenance fees are generally levied on annual basis, however, certain resorts may levy them monthly or biennially. There are many other options to consider when purchasing a timeshare. Whether you would prefer to be on a beach watching a sunset or skiing on a cold winter day, the decision is yours. Let help you find your timeshare today!

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