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Timeshare Scam Telemarketer Arrested

National Solutions Telemarketer is Arrested

A telemarketer for the company, National Solutions, has been arrested for participating in a timeshare marketing scam in Florida. Kathryn Garten has been arrested and indicted on a conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud as of November 16. Ms. Garten used aliases of “Porter Sullivan” and “Loreen Rinehart” to scam victims throughout the United States, Canada and other countries. The scam cost timeshare owners approximately $6 million.

Several business names were used in the scam including the following:

Bluescape Timeshares International, Country Wide Timeshares, Countrywide Timeshares MA, Landmark Timeshares, Propertys Direct, Quicksale Propertys, Sun Property Networks, Sun Property’s, Universal Propertys, VIM Timeshares, Propertys DRK, Quick Sale Advisers, Quick Sale International, City Resorts, Resort Advisers, American Timeshares, Exit Week, and Resort Advisors Internal.

The scam began in April of 2008 and continued until July 13, 2011. The Federal Trade Commission investigated the Natural Solutions company and filed a civil complaint in the United States District court for the Middle District of Florida in Orlando. The Federal Trade Commission was able to obtain a court order to gain access to the offices and records of the company. This indictment is in succession to two other timeshare resale scams being criminally prosecuted by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Illinois over the past three years.

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