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Timeshare Vs Hotel

Timeshare Brokers MLS Guide to staying in a Timeshare Vs Hotel

Many people wonder what the difference is between staying in a hotel, (where they pay a small fee) vs. staying in a timeshare (many more fees associated). In this article I will provide you with a number of differences between a hotel and a timeshare unit. The main reason for preferring a timeshare over a hotel is the quality of the rooms available. After providing you with this information I would like you to think about where you would rather stay.

Vacation timeshares are more deluxe and can range in size from studio units to suites with three or more bedrooms. Often these rooms can accommodate ten or more guests. In a hotel room the features include the following:

-One or two beds

-Adjoining bathroom

-Cable television & DVD player

-Closet & dresser

-Coffeemaker and/or mini-refrigerator

-Couch/chairs/table (some rooms)

-Iron/Ironing board (some rooms)

As you can see, there are not many luxuries within a hotel room. Another concern might be the number of people staying in a hotel room and a lack of privacy. Also, a hotel room cannot accommodate as many people. Now I will give you a list of the features in a standard timeshare suite:

Multiple rooms, including:

-One, two or three private bedrooms

-Private master bath

Living area, including:

-Convertible sofa bed

-Cable television with DVD player

-Balcony or patio

-Additional bathroom(s)

Fully-equipped kitchen or kitchenette, including:

-Refrigerator (or mini-refrigerator)

-Coffeemaker, microwave, stove/oven

-Utensils, dishes, pots, pans, etc.

-Separate dining area (some units)

Additional features:

Washer/dryer (some units)

In comparison, timesharing offers a great deal more amenities than staying in a hotel room does. Convenience is key when spending time away from home. In addition to the amenities listed above, timeshare resorts also offer on site activities for individuals and their families. Many of the resorts offer bingo, tie dying of t-shirts, spa services, a fitness center and bar/restaurant on grounds. Timeshares have also been known to offer discounts on activities within the area such as golf courses, ski mountain access, restaurants and much more!

More than 4 million Americans own a timeshare and 80% state they are happy with the timeshare they have purchased. Most owners will tell you that owning a timeshare provides for a more relaxing, secure, and enjoyable vacation experience. Where will you stay the next time you go on vacation? Hotel or Timeshare?? Stop throwing away your money on a hotel room when you could be enjoying the luxury of a timeshare! Browse the resale timeshares at www.

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