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Privacy Policy

Timeshare Professionals Internet Privacy Policy

Our goal is to deliver an outstanding product, service, and experience. We value your business and your loyalty, and we acknowledge that privacy is an important feature. This Internet Privacy Policy demonstrates the Timeshare Professionals Team 'commitment to assuring a positive relationship and acknowledgement about the type of personal information we collect on our website.

On our website we collect information that you voluntarily provide in order for us to provide industry related services and products. We may also use the personal information for other business purposes such as to understand clients’ needs, business relationships, or to make appropriate offers. This information is shared with affiliated agents within our company, but is not shared with any third party outside the company, and the site does not create “cookies.”

The Timeshare Professionals Team Internet Privacy Policy applies only to the personal information that we collect on this website where we post this policy (i.e. not other information collected in this website).

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