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Sell A Timeshare

Can you sell my timeshare?

Absolutely! Our licensed agents sell timeshares every day to consumers that want to save money on the resale market rather than paying higher prices through the developer. Our brokerage treats the sale of timeshares like buying or selling a house. The professional method to sell a timeshare is going through all of the steps to ensure the sale is done properly an in a timely manner. Since we are licensed real estate agents, the state real estate commission regulates us. There is NEVER an upfront fee to list your timeshare with us and we do not get paid unless your timeshare sells!

Who will buy my timeshare?

Fifty percent of all timeshares sell to existing owners who have enjoyed their timeshares and are looking to add to their portfolio.
Referrals from those existing Owners make up another twenty five percent of our sales. The balance will be consumers who have visited the resort or people just starting to vacation the timeshare way.

How much is my timeshare worth?

That depends on what you own. We will do a comparative market analysis for you that will tell you what timeshares like yours have sold for in the past six months.
A licensed agent is the one to work with on determining the sale price. They have access to previous sales to help you make a decision in the best way to price your property.

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