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10 Tips for Timeshare Resale

  1. Smart Buying: Opt for affordability by exploring the resale market. Ensure a smooth process by collaborating with a licensed timeshare resale broker or agent.

  2. Savvy Selling: Sellers, too, benefit from the expertise of a licensed broker when navigating the resale market.

  3. Closing Caution: For those choosing a "for sale by owner" route, always engage a licensed closing or escrow company for added security.

  4. Thorough Research: Treat your timeshare investment like any other. Investigate the resort thoroughly and seek reviews from fellow members.

  5. Exchange Exploration: Confirm that your timeshare is compatible with exchange companies. This flexibility allows you to swap points for different vacation spots.

  6. Presentation Pressure: Attending a timeshare presentation doesn't mean you have to commit immediately. Look for a recession period in the contract, giving you time to explore the resale market for the best deal.

  7. Program Prowess: Understand the variety of timeshare programs available. Consult your agent to find the one aligning best with your needs, be it points or weeks programs.

  8. Resale vs. Retail: Assess the trade-offs of buying a resale unit. If incentives are lost in a resale purchase, remember that retail buyers won't retain these incentives when selling, impacting the resale price.

  9. Location Logic: Select your timeshare location based on your family's preferences. Whether it's an annual spot like Orlando, FL, or a flexible points system for diverse vacation options.

  10. Investment Insight: Realize that timeshares aren't financial investments with equity gains. Instead, view them as a guarantee for your family's future vacations, securing a consistent getaway year after year.


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